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Monday, August 16, 2010

Gratitute my new Art project.

"Essence" - Original Painting By Rachael Inch

I have been thinking alot lately about the things that I am greatful for and how everyone I meet has an impact on my Art. Each friendship formed, relationship grown or new aquaintence experianced gives me inspiration to paint.

Sometimes its the tougher stuff that helps me paint too!

I was trying hard to think of a way to thank each of those people personally and acknowledge what they do in my life, how they support me and help me grow so from today and for the rest of the month.. I want to write about each of my friends and how they have changed me.

A gratitude diary.

and then after 30 days of gratitude I will paint. 30 paintings representing those people. This will be a personal project, a collection of works that helps me to give back to those who help me. who I percieve right now to be my support network. It doesnt mean its set in stone or that others are not as important, it means that this month the people I want to mention are acknowledged for everything they do.

Who in your life is worthy of acknowledgement? Take five mins to ponder who makes a difference in your life.

And maybe create your own gratitude diary.

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