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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 8! - Moana

This woman,  is a wee gem that lives not far from me.. A mother of 6 kids she is one awesome lady.
Moana is my de briefing person. you know, the one where I can go and say anything at all to her no matter how absurd and she will never judge me.

 She has this amazing outlook on life and love that is so unconditional. They say that you are as good as the people you hang around with and if this is true then I am one lucky girl.

Moana,( momo) Is there every single day saying "mate, ITS OK TO BE YOU" that speaks volumes. When you feel alot and you are an emotional person, for whatever reason it doesnt matter about the emotion even if on the outside she doesnt show the same.. (yes momo you are emotional lady lol). She is just there for you.

Man we laugh about silly stuff every day and I exercise with her and for once have someone who motivates me! Yes .. miss motivational (me) needs people to motivate her!

 I love that I have kind friends like momo in my life to keep me going when I think its too tough.

Moana is a private person and it has taken me many years to get to see the core heart that she is. She is someone who has seen rougher times but wont say. She is quietly proud and confident. She is an inspiration to me every day and her colours are spectacular. She is an earthy Red and deep green person with these warm blues around her but subtle showing her need for private life but communication to the world from her heart.

Moana has this thing where she is just her .. no agendas. I love that about her. I love her family her sense of family and how she has embraced mine.

I will always be friends with moana because she is the sort of person who will encouracge me without envy for as long as we live she is the sort of person I can share lifes ups and downs with, she helps me see that i am worthy. She is an amazing woman who I should be more like! She is incredibly supportive with my art and she was there for three days of my exhibition. Cleaning cooking and organising to make my night a success .. for me! Amazing
Thank you momo xx today I am greatful for you!

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