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Monday, August 23, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 7! - The Janz

The reason I am doing this next gratitude painting as a joint one is because this Dynamic Duo go together.

Jan Thomas and Jan Crossley are the owners of Malvern News Darfield. The thing that I love most about them is that they are so willing to support the locals, The moment I met Jan C at my first exhibition at the selwyn gallery and she was with her friend for dinner. I was so humbled by her lovely comments about my work on that day and man my work was no where near the level it is now!

She was always willing to encourage me to the next level, to push myself harder and laughing along at my stories. Jan is the sort of person who has this heart of gold that radiates out to all that knows her.

Jan T is a little more quieter, doesnt gossip and super kind. She bought one of my paintings and her family, Penny and Dee have been an awesome support. Meeting Jan happened through her mum, Penny was always supportive of my art right back when I first started painting and Dee and myself were great friends too.

Jan is this person thats willing to be there for people even if she doesnt know you well.

The both of these ladies as a team have been one of the reasons I have become so well known. They always support me, my stories, my pasion and for that you can never sort of pay back the amount of kindness they have shown you and your dreams. It was thinking about these people that inspired me to write this blog. To give back a gift like no other.

To give people real thanks for just how much they mean to me.

Jan T has beautiful deep blues and deep red earthy colours showing her grounded dependable nature and Jan C has these successful colours drive and passion yellows and oranges cant wait to see this painting!!

Thank you janz for being there and supporting my career. Thank you for making me feel successful.

Anyone who wishes to read thier paper you can download weekly copies from

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  1. OOOh that's so nice - ur a hun! But seriously yellows and oranges, gross!! lol!
    Jan C xx