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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 6! - Donna Thomson

This beautiful sould Donna, (my deputy sheriff) is one of a kind.

I first met Donna a few years back now and it was through another friend on Rodneys birthday bus trip.. a split decision they made to jump on the bus has formed a special relationship!

The thing I admire about Donna is that she never puts herself first.. ever.. She has three children and a lovely husband and she is constantly worrying about what they need and how she can be the best wife and mum for them.

Donna has been through lots of personal tragedy and yet she keeps pushing on each time getting stronger and making herself a better person. She always takes time to listen to people and the more I get to know her the more I see the inner person she is.

Shes Brave, and strong, kind and funny.

She does all these cool things like buy me fluffy purple socks or gives me wonderwoman earings! I love her quirkiness and that she does those small things for me, because not many people do.

She is a real laugh when we share our bottles of wine, and I really admire her dress sense too! Shes really loyal and has all these cool morals that resonate with mine, she may not ever voice them to others but to her close friends that know her she will, and I love that... her ability to say nothing! (i wish I could do that more!!)

Her and her husband mark (fabio) have been a HUGE support for me with my art and over the last year where I have found things challengeing. I like that they are actually a cool married couple that will have a good time and talk about anything and Rod and me have fantastic times with them. (we dont have too many couple friends!)

I love watching donnas colours change, there is always this beautiful pink around her ( love) and she has a little purple too, (gifts of higher conscience) and blue lovely deep rich blues that scream communicator and healer.

Donna is one of the most selfless people I know and I love that about her, she writes me special notes from the heart that make me feel really good about myself. Shes such a beautiful person, inside and out xx

So today I am greatful for Donna xx

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