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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 5! - Larissa Karst

OOhh I was getting itchy fingers waiting for this little gem!
Larissa Karst is one amazingly cool person, she and her husband ed (eggy) have been a huge support to me over the last year.

Shes the sort of person who would do anything for anyone and will make you laugh so hard that you forget about any problems of the day. She is quirky and has this bizzare dry humor just like mine! And lets not forget that she has a stumpy little toe identical to my stump!

It was love at first stump when I met her! lol

Larissa has this maturity beyond her years where , to the outside world nothing is a problem. She never judges people and never talks about people. She is honest and has morals, kind and forgiving.

I love the other side to her, the one that only those close to her get to see.. Shes emotional and a wee romantic. She has this ability to know that something is up and she will fight for what is right.. oo that part i love too!

I love that with my art she always seems interested and always is supportive. She encourages me and came and helped me with all the catering for my exhibition opening here in Hororata.

She spends her whole life running around for other people, and shes intelligent too! Shes studying to be an early childhood teacher - I admire her patience!

When you see Larissa what you see is generally what you get, although until she trusts you, you dont get to see that inner stuff that makes her even more beautiful.

Shes fiercely loyal! I love her loyalty, I love that she tells me I am a good person, and no matter what emotional issue I have (trust me I am full of them) she will accept me as just me and encourages me to talk about it then get over it.

I have learned with her how to move through hurtful things quicker and how to CHOP bourbons!

Shes pretty special to alot of people and to me I am pretty lucky to have her in my life. Shes kinda like Lori a little and when the 3 of us are together its like this wonderful kind energy between us full of fun and laghter full of good times. With her there is no worrying about who I am, I can just be me ... dressed up or in slippers it doesnt matter.

Larissas colours are bleu and pinks. When I tried seeing her colours it was hard becuase so many were coming through.. So I think today they are Blue and pink, lovely rich blues that are almost purple and soft magentas.

They show her ability to communicate and her abilty to love unconditionally..

Today I am greatful to have Larissa in my life xx
Love ya stumpee

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