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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 3! - Katie Le Normand

Today I wanted to talk about this woman.
I met this amazing soul through the internet about a year ago, she is amazingly in tune to spirit all the time and one of the things I love the most about her is her ability to speak freely about her gifts.

She has inspired me to make my life better through using my own gifts and working from the heart more often. When I first met Katie I had flown to Auckland for the Art in the Gardens Event. This woman arranged to come from Hamilton to meet me in the airport (it was my first time ever in auckland) and she arranged free accomodation for me, her and her friends took me to Art in the gardens, provided a Table for me and heaps of encouragement. She helped my experiance be extra special and she was there every step of the journey.

I recently travelled to Auckland again and once again she had organised a ride for me (whom I will talk about later on) she run me a bath every day I was there and just let me sleep and relax.. for the first time in years!

Katie helps me see that I am a good person, she has this amazing warm kind heart and she understands things on a level that not many other people can. She sees the worl through the eyes of a child, head of an adult and heart of a saint and that makes her a special special woman.

Katie is the sort of person that will do anything for anyone in need. She is kind and warm, generous and welcoming. She really is one of a kind and I find myself lucky to have her in my life.

She gives me inspiration to try new things with my art. She drives me to filter the bad stuff and for the first time in my life not dwell on things. She helps me let go of my hurt.

Katie has all these colours around her and when I think of her green in a huge one. Katie has this amazing soft Lilac around her and beautiful rich blue that shows she is a fabulous communicator.

Thank you katie for everything you do and have done for me xx I am truelly blessed to have you in my lifexx

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