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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 2! - Lori Vance

Lori Vance

This girl has to be my biggest strength with my life and art.

She is my best friend.

Please, Before you dismiss this Blog as no interest to listen to someone ramble about her best friend you have to read on.. she is so much more than a friend.

We have this amazing bond, like soul sisters i think. She NEVER judges me, even though at times I can be judgemental, she has this heart of gold that radiates love to everyone.

Lori is an amazingly strong woman who gives me laughs everytime I see her, she took me in to her home and my son when I was at the lowest part of my life, and just listened.

She never tells me what to do (even when i ask her too!) she always gives me free will and choice. Her influenced allows me to be who I want to be and she gives me stability that no other person in my life has given me. I try to find the words to explain how she does that and I think its acceptance.

When someone accepts you as a whole, it makes you strive to be better in yourself because you have no fear of walking alone. There have been many close friends in my life that just do not have the patience for my emotional side who dont stop to think about how I feel about things. When you are creative and when you are intuitive you think about the world differently, you see the world on a different level, and with Lori she always is right there willing to accept whatever I want to talk about.

There have only been two times in the whole 12 years of friendship that we had a disagreement and each time, this amazing woman sat and listened and openly talked with me and was willing to say we are both responsible for this breakdown.

There is nothing more important to me than open communication and honesty and Lori helps me be free in every way.

Lori does not have alot of material wealth, but is abundant in love. She was standing there at my wedding without fail, She stood with me at my first ever exhibition. She stood with me and helped me through the journey to the solo exhibition where I felt so isolated from the world. She flew to Auckland and stood by me for the single most important day of my life.

Lori has been there when other people have not.

And her laugh is sooo infectious!

When I think about Loris Colours I think of deep passionate reds, deep purples and bright whites. I think of contrast and Harmony. I think of Love and strength. Loris colours around her are green and red. Stable and a great relationship person. Lori will put others needs before her own, thats what makes her so special.

I would be lost without her in my life and I know with my art as I grow she will stand with me as long as I live.

Thank you lori for being you xx I love you xx

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