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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 12! - The Inch Family

I thought quite hard about the fact that there are people in my life that I have formed friendships with that are not always easy and have ups and downs, and I decided that I am still really greatful for those people in life because they teach me so much about myself and how to be a better person. How to retreat to my art and paint and then push myself harder.

I love the Inch family for so many different reasons.

They are a tight knit and loyal family.. I really admire that about them.. They are incredibly hardworking and honest people. They have this grace about them where they have learn to quiet themselves and not push opinions..

I have already talked about Rod, but today I wanted to talk about some of the other members..

Di is really special to me, I have seen her grow over the past 8 years into a stronger and more confident woman. Di is incredibly witty and intelligent, and very loyal. It has taken a long time to get to a relationship with Di where she trusts me but now that we are like that with each other she is so fiercely loyal.. I love that about her. Di can be the most kind and giving person to those who know her best and she is also cruisey where she doesnt hold grudges, she can put things aside and move on... I wish I could do that more!!

I am greatful for Nicki because she has morals. I love her groundedness and how she is loyal to her family. I love how giving Nicki is, but only when she means it. Nicki challenges me to be a better person, and we have alot of laughs when we get together. Nicki can be serious too like me and she allows me to speak my mind, which is incredibly important to me. Nicki is protective of those she loves and hard working.

Harold works so hard, and he is really funny! he has these quirky little talents that make you smile and think hes a young man. Harold gives to his family like no other father. He is strong willed and at times has different a outlook in life, but thats what makes him. He has soft eyes, thats what I always see, that through any exterior stuff his eyes show his heart. I know at times its a struggle, but Harold has a heart of gold underneath, and if it wasnt for his and his families hard work, we wouldnt be here and I wouldnt be so lucky to be able to paint and create the way I am.

Grandad and Grandma Inch
Man they are funny! I love how they support and encourage me. Grandma is always willing to give me new ideas and Grandad would do anything for anyone. They are extremely hardworking private people so I wont be writing much more but I am so eternally greatful for the imput through good times and bad that this family have on my life

Today I am greatful for the Inch Family xx

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