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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 11! - Chavah Kinloch

The reason I wanted to write about this lovely soul without even meeting her is because I have found her a great source of inspiration for my art.

Chavah is an extremely giving person who is incredibly intelligent and kind.

She inspired me to begin writing my own blog after following hers for sometime. Chavah is a member of the NZ ART GUILD and we have had a electronic friendship (lol) for sometime now. She Gives to so many people and never turns down an opportuntiy to help another. She wrote this wonderful interview on me

Chavah is quite special in the fact that even though we have not met in person i just know that she is there if I want to talk about anything.

Please go check out her blog it truelly is amazing and inspiring!

Chavahs colours are oranges, showing her emotional side, green showing her heart and reds showing her grounded nature

Thank you Chavah for always inspiring me today I am greatful for you!

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