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Friday, August 27, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 10! - Dee Innes

This woman is one of a kind. She is one of the biggest mentors I have in my life when it comes to my art. She is this woman that everyone respects because she has grace and love in her heart. She knows the value of hard work, She knows the value of supporting young people in achieving thier dreams.

Dee has been one of the small group of people in Selwyn Arts that has supported and ecouraged me from day one. We have formed a friendship over 8 years that has helped me develop not only as an artist but as an independant woman.

No matter what social status Dee has always treated me as a special girl that has ability. She always , always made me feel that I am worthy as a person.

Dee loves the arts, She loves people and is kind and giving. Dee allows me to try new things and is never afraid of change. I never hear her speak ill of another and to be honest in the mall community we live in this is an amazing quality.

Dee is the sort of woman that would give everything just to see someone else happy and to be honest Dee you make my heart smile every day.

I feel safe with Dee. This is something that doesnt come easy. I am so greatful for your experiance, advice and support. Thank you for never judging me, for loving me for who I am xx

When I think about Dees colours I see pink and yellow, personal power and strength. Unconditional love but then this beautiful deep brown comes through showing her connection to nature and her stability.

Dee has learnt alot over her time, worked hard and gained phenominal support from those who love her because they value what she does. Dee is the sort of person that doesnt come along every day and to be honest with my art career, as a 30 year old woman still learning to live, I am so so greatful for her input in my life.

Thank you Dee for being in my life today i am greatful for you xxxxx

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