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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 1! - Sophia Elise

I thought it fitting to start with this woman - Sophia Elise- as she has the most impact on my life right now with my art.

I am greatful to have Sophia in my life because she teaches me new things daily in the Art world. She has created a community of Artists who support others and I love everything about being a part of it.

Because of Sophia's vision I was able to fly to Auckland twice, hold my first solo exhibition, Learn new hanging tricks, take on a more challenging role as exhibition co-ordinator in ChCh, liase with Dedicated Venues and support other artists too, and further myself in the business world.

I love the way sophia is a vegetarian and laughs at my meat jokes all the time, and she has a real playful side!!

Sophia is always there if you need to talk, although alot of the time I just laugh with her because I figure she has enough worries! She truely does put hours and hours of work in for other Artists and at first I didnt realise exactly how much she put in until I really got to know her.

Sophia inspires me on a business level in my art, she also came and helped hang my exhibition - twice lol. My first solo in Auckland had to be hung twice due to some missing paintings, she took the time to help me understand new hanging techniques and the importance of measuring!

Sophia's personality radiates self assuredness and kindness. Her way of growing as a person is to help others grow and for that I am greatful.

I love to laugh and joke around with her and I love to get serious too. She never squashes any idea I have infact she nutures them for the benifit of others, she is a truelly selfless woman who deserves alot more credit than she gets.

When I think of Sophia's Art I think of Red as those are her predominant colours, maybe thats why she is all grounded... And with her job you would think she needs to be!

But when you see her colours around her,  she has this Orange and soft yellow, Personal power and emotional. But then splashes of green pop in to show her ability to nuture relationships with people, These colour changes are subtle not big bold bright colours like in your face but softly confident colours. They are complimentry and balanced.

So Sophia, Thank you for everything you do to support me. Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you for sharing your colour with me!


  1. What you have written is beautiful, it is really heartfelt. People like this are precious gems.

  2. That is really lovely Rachel-- Both you and Sophia are amazing people!