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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jounery to a solo exhibition part3 - Progress and Self belief

Have you ever heard the saying In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can?

Its completely true! As the time is fast approaching to get these works finished I am getting more opportunities thrown at me each day.

My own radio show, An offer from a new york gallery and two commissions in the last month alone. I know that there are people how look at my success through green cloudy eyes, that people can get nasty and "want what I have" but the simple fact is for those people, do you see the hard work I put in behind the scenes?

For Example, I spent on average about 5 hours a day driving for my bus job pulling around 2000 kms a week. I spend approx 4 hours a day painting and preping paintings and materials. I spent about 5 Hours a day on the computer researching, working on websites, promoting myself, answering emails etc... and then I spend a further 2 hours on housework, 1 hour on exercise, 1 hour watching t.v (generally as I am scoffing my lunch or dinner down ready to go to work and then maybe if I am lucky, 6 hours of a day is spent sleeping!

That doesnt leave much time for other things does it! I have got to where I am because I BELIEVE in myself. It was my father who taught me that you have to WORK for what you want, That there is no such word as I CANT.

Im not sure if he realised the power of his words, I remember back to being about 8 years old and swinging on the monkey bars saying to myself, theres no such word as I cant, I am going to make it to the end without falling.
I crossed those monkey bars that day and that moment was my moment of clarity that I CAN do anything I want!

So bringing it back to my Art and this exhibition.. Sure, There have been times where I have almost given up thinking man its just all too hard.. But I think back to what my dad says and I think.. I CAN.

Its just sooo simple to succeed in life, I mean the formula to success is right there, there are most definately bumps in the road as you go.. I have had alot! BUT those difficult things you learn the most from and they will help you to the next rung on the endless ladder of achieving what you want.

So heres my formula:

So get off your butt and DO what you want to do and think you CAN!

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