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Monday, May 17, 2010

Self Sabotage, Trust and sneaky peaks!

First SNEAKY PEAKY at one of my half finished works for the exhibition!
 COPYRIGHT 2010 Rachael Inch Original

Well last night I woke in a cold sweat, The exhibition is only 2 and a half months away and I havent finished any painting!

I have all this creative rhythm flowing at the moment that all I want to do is create more and more, but... Now I have a ton of unfinished work! eeekkk

It truelly is a journey, and I think that fear of not completing the paintings to a high standard like the one painting before is a real factor and example of how my natural reaction is to self sabotage.

Near with me here I am going to ramble a little but there is a point I promise!!!

I could sit and say to myself  ... "Oh god, my work is not as awesome as the painting I have created over the last days, oh well I will create more in the same range ... More paintings that are safe...." - Go with what I know ...

Or I can look at it like " Well I really did well with this last painting, I am really happy with it, I am afraid of not being able to create a high quality work straight after it but I am going to TRUST that what ideas I had that had originally shaped each unfinished work was part of a bigger vision that I am just not seeing right now."

This is a huge breakthrough on a personal level for me, I mean we can relate this exact struggle with any given situation in life.

You may not know why things are happening for you You may not understand "the Bigger picture" But you know that everything happens for a reason and their really is a result in sight, it may not be on your time or in the way you had forseen it, but In the end, if you TRUST and LISTEN to yourself then you will know that it was all meant to be!

Oh god I think I am rambling again ha ha oh well I am sure someone will get what I am saying!

Anyway enough blogging off to paint!!!!!

Love Rach xx

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