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Friday, May 14, 2010

Journey to my solo - Where is my inspiration coming from

Through the Valley
Original Oil
By Rachael Inch
Copyright 2008

 It occurred to me during this process of preparation for my first solo, that many times I have mentioned what I love painting but never where my inspiration comes from.

It comes from everything. Everything around me and in my world, feelings, experiences beautiful moments, forms of the land or the way that clouds form and pattern into magnificent stories. It’s the way we move or transfer energy it’s in everything I see. I put rhythm into my work whether it’s through my paintings or through moving words and vibrations when I am painting.

Ok I am aware that there are a lot of people that will not have a clue what I am talking about, and that’s ok..

What people see is constrained by what they believe they can see everything that is not conveyed to consciousness by eye and ear is dismissed from the modern view of the world.

So I see things through a view that others don’t, and to bridge that “gap” and share the pure beauty in this world that I see around me, I paint and ramble!

I hope that makes sense to you as you are reading this because I know writing it is extremely difficult.. Why? Because I am putting myself out there to potentially be considered a “nutcase” lol (its not the first time!)

Anyway, back to my inspiration for painting, I believe everything has positive and negative. I just choose to see the positive, the brighter side of things around us, whether it be a lock of hair falling into place perfectly, a form in the ground that weaves so softly and gently, or the way someone speaks and their energy that makes others relaxed and happy. Those are the things and the memories that I want to capture for eternity.

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