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Monday, August 30, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 13! - Kelly Tye

The reason I wanted to write about this person today after some long consideration was because even though things in life change I am still really greatful for people and the imput/impact they have had on my life.

This woman, Kelly taught me how to look after myself on the outside. How to make myself feel better on the outside and ultimately that filters through to the inside.

She is the sort of person who is confident and strong willed, she can be black and white about situations which I like about her and admire because it sometimes balances out the emotion that I have.

Kelly is the sort of average every day person who has attention to detail and makes her stand out from the rest because of it.

Kelly has inspired my art for many years showing me the little things that make a masterpiece.

She loves to have a good time and its easy to relax around her when you are in her company. Kelly has been a good friend of mine for many years now and was around me during the toughest years which for many years I have been greatful for.

Kellys colours are Reds, oranges and yellows, showing that she is a grounded person with personal conviction and emotion (on the inside.. she rarely show this to others)

Today I am greatful for the imput Kelly has had over the years as I now move forward to the next project, she will always be important to me no matter what path we all take.

So today I am greatful to Kelly.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 12! - The Inch Family

I thought quite hard about the fact that there are people in my life that I have formed friendships with that are not always easy and have ups and downs, and I decided that I am still really greatful for those people in life because they teach me so much about myself and how to be a better person. How to retreat to my art and paint and then push myself harder.

I love the Inch family for so many different reasons.

They are a tight knit and loyal family.. I really admire that about them.. They are incredibly hardworking and honest people. They have this grace about them where they have learn to quiet themselves and not push opinions..

I have already talked about Rod, but today I wanted to talk about some of the other members..

Di is really special to me, I have seen her grow over the past 8 years into a stronger and more confident woman. Di is incredibly witty and intelligent, and very loyal. It has taken a long time to get to a relationship with Di where she trusts me but now that we are like that with each other she is so fiercely loyal.. I love that about her. Di can be the most kind and giving person to those who know her best and she is also cruisey where she doesnt hold grudges, she can put things aside and move on... I wish I could do that more!!

I am greatful for Nicki because she has morals. I love her groundedness and how she is loyal to her family. I love how giving Nicki is, but only when she means it. Nicki challenges me to be a better person, and we have alot of laughs when we get together. Nicki can be serious too like me and she allows me to speak my mind, which is incredibly important to me. Nicki is protective of those she loves and hard working.

Harold works so hard, and he is really funny! he has these quirky little talents that make you smile and think hes a young man. Harold gives to his family like no other father. He is strong willed and at times has different a outlook in life, but thats what makes him. He has soft eyes, thats what I always see, that through any exterior stuff his eyes show his heart. I know at times its a struggle, but Harold has a heart of gold underneath, and if it wasnt for his and his families hard work, we wouldnt be here and I wouldnt be so lucky to be able to paint and create the way I am.

Grandad and Grandma Inch
Man they are funny! I love how they support and encourage me. Grandma is always willing to give me new ideas and Grandad would do anything for anyone. They are extremely hardworking private people so I wont be writing much more but I am so eternally greatful for the imput through good times and bad that this family have on my life

Today I am greatful for the Inch Family xx

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 11! - Chavah Kinloch

The reason I wanted to write about this lovely soul without even meeting her is because I have found her a great source of inspiration for my art.

Chavah is an extremely giving person who is incredibly intelligent and kind.

She inspired me to begin writing my own blog after following hers for sometime. Chavah is a member of the NZ ART GUILD and we have had a electronic friendship (lol) for sometime now. She Gives to so many people and never turns down an opportuntiy to help another. She wrote this wonderful interview on me

Chavah is quite special in the fact that even though we have not met in person i just know that she is there if I want to talk about anything.

Please go check out her blog it truelly is amazing and inspiring!

Chavahs colours are oranges, showing her emotional side, green showing her heart and reds showing her grounded nature

Thank you Chavah for always inspiring me today I am greatful for you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 10! - Dee Innes

This woman is one of a kind. She is one of the biggest mentors I have in my life when it comes to my art. She is this woman that everyone respects because she has grace and love in her heart. She knows the value of hard work, She knows the value of supporting young people in achieving thier dreams.

Dee has been one of the small group of people in Selwyn Arts that has supported and ecouraged me from day one. We have formed a friendship over 8 years that has helped me develop not only as an artist but as an independant woman.

No matter what social status Dee has always treated me as a special girl that has ability. She always , always made me feel that I am worthy as a person.

Dee loves the arts, She loves people and is kind and giving. Dee allows me to try new things and is never afraid of change. I never hear her speak ill of another and to be honest in the mall community we live in this is an amazing quality.

Dee is the sort of woman that would give everything just to see someone else happy and to be honest Dee you make my heart smile every day.

I feel safe with Dee. This is something that doesnt come easy. I am so greatful for your experiance, advice and support. Thank you for never judging me, for loving me for who I am xx

When I think about Dees colours I see pink and yellow, personal power and strength. Unconditional love but then this beautiful deep brown comes through showing her connection to nature and her stability.

Dee has learnt alot over her time, worked hard and gained phenominal support from those who love her because they value what she does. Dee is the sort of person that doesnt come along every day and to be honest with my art career, as a 30 year old woman still learning to live, I am so so greatful for her input in my life.

Thank you Dee for being in my life today i am greatful for you xxxxx

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 9! - Vicky Oliver

This woman was the starting point for my art. She was the person that many years ago said to me "you have heart and Talent.. Go for it"

Vicky has taught me so much about marketing and how to be a better person. Her unconditional love for me helped me see worth in what I did, her encouragement helped me grow as a person and helped me live to my full potential.

Vicky is the kindest person I know, she gives because she understands and she cares. She has been through incredible opposition during her life and she has had to fight some difficult battles including one that nearly killed her and she has come through it with the greatest love you could imagine.

Vicky will be there for you no matter what, people do not give vic the credit she deserves, sometimes people get caught up in the day to day stuff and they forget that Vicky sees a bigger picture. She has a beautiful family and I am very lucky to be a part of her life.

Vicky is loyal, kind and passionate. Shes driven and motivated and no matter how tough it gets she will stand in her truth. She never has agendas to hurt others she always speaks with calm and she has amazing talent with her Holistic Pulsing.

Through her Pulsing sessions I learned so much about myself, I learned to see the colours, release old hurts and move forward in life.

Vic has this beautiful blue around her all the time, shes a communicator, she has imense warm pink that radiates around her and this stunning purple that shows her gift of spirit.

I will always Love Vic and Remember that she stood and believed in me when nobody else did. I am so so greatful for Vic today for I would not be here if she wasnt my support and friend.

Thank you so much vic for all you have done for me xx Today I am greatful for Vicky Oliver xx

Gratitude a New Project Day 8! - Moana

This woman,  is a wee gem that lives not far from me.. A mother of 6 kids she is one awesome lady.
Moana is my de briefing person. you know, the one where I can go and say anything at all to her no matter how absurd and she will never judge me.

 She has this amazing outlook on life and love that is so unconditional. They say that you are as good as the people you hang around with and if this is true then I am one lucky girl.

Moana,( momo) Is there every single day saying "mate, ITS OK TO BE YOU" that speaks volumes. When you feel alot and you are an emotional person, for whatever reason it doesnt matter about the emotion even if on the outside she doesnt show the same.. (yes momo you are emotional lady lol). She is just there for you.

Man we laugh about silly stuff every day and I exercise with her and for once have someone who motivates me! Yes .. miss motivational (me) needs people to motivate her!

 I love that I have kind friends like momo in my life to keep me going when I think its too tough.

Moana is a private person and it has taken me many years to get to see the core heart that she is. She is someone who has seen rougher times but wont say. She is quietly proud and confident. She is an inspiration to me every day and her colours are spectacular. She is an earthy Red and deep green person with these warm blues around her but subtle showing her need for private life but communication to the world from her heart.

Moana has this thing where she is just her .. no agendas. I love that about her. I love her family her sense of family and how she has embraced mine.

I will always be friends with moana because she is the sort of person who will encouracge me without envy for as long as we live she is the sort of person I can share lifes ups and downs with, she helps me see that i am worthy. She is an amazing woman who I should be more like! She is incredibly supportive with my art and she was there for three days of my exhibition. Cleaning cooking and organising to make my night a success .. for me! Amazing
Thank you momo xx today I am greatful for you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 7! - The Janz

The reason I am doing this next gratitude painting as a joint one is because this Dynamic Duo go together.

Jan Thomas and Jan Crossley are the owners of Malvern News Darfield. The thing that I love most about them is that they are so willing to support the locals, The moment I met Jan C at my first exhibition at the selwyn gallery and she was with her friend for dinner. I was so humbled by her lovely comments about my work on that day and man my work was no where near the level it is now!

She was always willing to encourage me to the next level, to push myself harder and laughing along at my stories. Jan is the sort of person who has this heart of gold that radiates out to all that knows her.

Jan T is a little more quieter, doesnt gossip and super kind. She bought one of my paintings and her family, Penny and Dee have been an awesome support. Meeting Jan happened through her mum, Penny was always supportive of my art right back when I first started painting and Dee and myself were great friends too.

Jan is this person thats willing to be there for people even if she doesnt know you well.

The both of these ladies as a team have been one of the reasons I have become so well known. They always support me, my stories, my pasion and for that you can never sort of pay back the amount of kindness they have shown you and your dreams. It was thinking about these people that inspired me to write this blog. To give back a gift like no other.

To give people real thanks for just how much they mean to me.

Jan T has beautiful deep blues and deep red earthy colours showing her grounded dependable nature and Jan C has these successful colours drive and passion yellows and oranges cant wait to see this painting!!

Thank you janz for being there and supporting my career. Thank you for making me feel successful.

Anyone who wishes to read thier paper you can download weekly copies from

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 6! - Donna Thomson

This beautiful sould Donna, (my deputy sheriff) is one of a kind.

I first met Donna a few years back now and it was through another friend on Rodneys birthday bus trip.. a split decision they made to jump on the bus has formed a special relationship!

The thing I admire about Donna is that she never puts herself first.. ever.. She has three children and a lovely husband and she is constantly worrying about what they need and how she can be the best wife and mum for them.

Donna has been through lots of personal tragedy and yet she keeps pushing on each time getting stronger and making herself a better person. She always takes time to listen to people and the more I get to know her the more I see the inner person she is.

Shes Brave, and strong, kind and funny.

She does all these cool things like buy me fluffy purple socks or gives me wonderwoman earings! I love her quirkiness and that she does those small things for me, because not many people do.

She is a real laugh when we share our bottles of wine, and I really admire her dress sense too! Shes really loyal and has all these cool morals that resonate with mine, she may not ever voice them to others but to her close friends that know her she will, and I love that... her ability to say nothing! (i wish I could do that more!!)

Her and her husband mark (fabio) have been a HUGE support for me with my art and over the last year where I have found things challengeing. I like that they are actually a cool married couple that will have a good time and talk about anything and Rod and me have fantastic times with them. (we dont have too many couple friends!)

I love watching donnas colours change, there is always this beautiful pink around her ( love) and she has a little purple too, (gifts of higher conscience) and blue lovely deep rich blues that scream communicator and healer.

Donna is one of the most selfless people I know and I love that about her, she writes me special notes from the heart that make me feel really good about myself. Shes such a beautiful person, inside and out xx

So today I am greatful for Donna xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 5! - Larissa Karst

OOhh I was getting itchy fingers waiting for this little gem!
Larissa Karst is one amazingly cool person, she and her husband ed (eggy) have been a huge support to me over the last year.

Shes the sort of person who would do anything for anyone and will make you laugh so hard that you forget about any problems of the day. She is quirky and has this bizzare dry humor just like mine! And lets not forget that she has a stumpy little toe identical to my stump!

It was love at first stump when I met her! lol

Larissa has this maturity beyond her years where , to the outside world nothing is a problem. She never judges people and never talks about people. She is honest and has morals, kind and forgiving.

I love the other side to her, the one that only those close to her get to see.. Shes emotional and a wee romantic. She has this ability to know that something is up and she will fight for what is right.. oo that part i love too!

I love that with my art she always seems interested and always is supportive. She encourages me and came and helped me with all the catering for my exhibition opening here in Hororata.

She spends her whole life running around for other people, and shes intelligent too! Shes studying to be an early childhood teacher - I admire her patience!

When you see Larissa what you see is generally what you get, although until she trusts you, you dont get to see that inner stuff that makes her even more beautiful.

Shes fiercely loyal! I love her loyalty, I love that she tells me I am a good person, and no matter what emotional issue I have (trust me I am full of them) she will accept me as just me and encourages me to talk about it then get over it.

I have learned with her how to move through hurtful things quicker and how to CHOP bourbons!

Shes pretty special to alot of people and to me I am pretty lucky to have her in my life. Shes kinda like Lori a little and when the 3 of us are together its like this wonderful kind energy between us full of fun and laghter full of good times. With her there is no worrying about who I am, I can just be me ... dressed up or in slippers it doesnt matter.

Larissas colours are bleu and pinks. When I tried seeing her colours it was hard becuase so many were coming through.. So I think today they are Blue and pink, lovely rich blues that are almost purple and soft magentas.

They show her ability to communicate and her abilty to love unconditionally..

Today I am greatful to have Larissa in my life xx
Love ya stumpee

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 4! - Rodney Inch

I would have to say I am greatful today for this amazing man. Rodney is, as most will know my husband.
However anyone that knows us will know that we dont "do" thise hopless romantic things in public.
Anyone who knows us will know that we are best friends.

Rodney is this amazingly intelligent and funny man. He has this heart of gold and would do anything for anyone, yet he has this huge strength inside that makes him dependable and strong.

Rodney changed my life.

He has this sense of humour that means you cant stay mad at him for long, he supports me through all my art and anything I need, he provdes for me and Jayden. Rodney took Jayden on as his own and is such a wonderful father to him.

Rodney is the sort of person that doesnt speak often but when he does, he always has something important to say, something worthwhile. He has taught me to stand up to those closest to me when they are hurting me, he has taught me the value of not saying anything and let my actions speak louder. He never stops me doing what I want and always tells me he loves me every day.

Sometimes he will just come and hug me when I am sad and he says nothing for he knows that just being there for me is what I need.

Rodney is so smart and funny and he is anyones best friend. After 7 years of being married I still am in love with him every day I love him more.

When I see Rodneys coloyrs I see Orange and Reds, Stability and love. I love How he makes me feel and I love how he encourages me to be the best I can be.

I am so Greatful today to have Rodney (ronald) in My life xx

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 3! - Katie Le Normand

Today I wanted to talk about this woman.
I met this amazing soul through the internet about a year ago, she is amazingly in tune to spirit all the time and one of the things I love the most about her is her ability to speak freely about her gifts.

She has inspired me to make my life better through using my own gifts and working from the heart more often. When I first met Katie I had flown to Auckland for the Art in the Gardens Event. This woman arranged to come from Hamilton to meet me in the airport (it was my first time ever in auckland) and she arranged free accomodation for me, her and her friends took me to Art in the gardens, provided a Table for me and heaps of encouragement. She helped my experiance be extra special and she was there every step of the journey.

I recently travelled to Auckland again and once again she had organised a ride for me (whom I will talk about later on) she run me a bath every day I was there and just let me sleep and relax.. for the first time in years!

Katie helps me see that I am a good person, she has this amazing warm kind heart and she understands things on a level that not many other people can. She sees the worl through the eyes of a child, head of an adult and heart of a saint and that makes her a special special woman.

Katie is the sort of person that will do anything for anyone in need. She is kind and warm, generous and welcoming. She really is one of a kind and I find myself lucky to have her in my life.

She gives me inspiration to try new things with my art. She drives me to filter the bad stuff and for the first time in my life not dwell on things. She helps me let go of my hurt.

Katie has all these colours around her and when I think of her green in a huge one. Katie has this amazing soft Lilac around her and beautiful rich blue that shows she is a fabulous communicator.

Thank you katie for everything you do and have done for me xx I am truelly blessed to have you in my lifexx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 2! - Lori Vance

Lori Vance

This girl has to be my biggest strength with my life and art.

She is my best friend.

Please, Before you dismiss this Blog as no interest to listen to someone ramble about her best friend you have to read on.. she is so much more than a friend.

We have this amazing bond, like soul sisters i think. She NEVER judges me, even though at times I can be judgemental, she has this heart of gold that radiates love to everyone.

Lori is an amazingly strong woman who gives me laughs everytime I see her, she took me in to her home and my son when I was at the lowest part of my life, and just listened.

She never tells me what to do (even when i ask her too!) she always gives me free will and choice. Her influenced allows me to be who I want to be and she gives me stability that no other person in my life has given me. I try to find the words to explain how she does that and I think its acceptance.

When someone accepts you as a whole, it makes you strive to be better in yourself because you have no fear of walking alone. There have been many close friends in my life that just do not have the patience for my emotional side who dont stop to think about how I feel about things. When you are creative and when you are intuitive you think about the world differently, you see the world on a different level, and with Lori she always is right there willing to accept whatever I want to talk about.

There have only been two times in the whole 12 years of friendship that we had a disagreement and each time, this amazing woman sat and listened and openly talked with me and was willing to say we are both responsible for this breakdown.

There is nothing more important to me than open communication and honesty and Lori helps me be free in every way.

Lori does not have alot of material wealth, but is abundant in love. She was standing there at my wedding without fail, She stood with me at my first ever exhibition. She stood with me and helped me through the journey to the solo exhibition where I felt so isolated from the world. She flew to Auckland and stood by me for the single most important day of my life.

Lori has been there when other people have not.

And her laugh is sooo infectious!

When I think about Loris Colours I think of deep passionate reds, deep purples and bright whites. I think of contrast and Harmony. I think of Love and strength. Loris colours around her are green and red. Stable and a great relationship person. Lori will put others needs before her own, thats what makes her so special.

I would be lost without her in my life and I know with my art as I grow she will stand with me as long as I live.

Thank you lori for being you xx I love you xx

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gratitude a New Project Day 1! - Sophia Elise

I thought it fitting to start with this woman - Sophia Elise- as she has the most impact on my life right now with my art.

I am greatful to have Sophia in my life because she teaches me new things daily in the Art world. She has created a community of Artists who support others and I love everything about being a part of it.

Because of Sophia's vision I was able to fly to Auckland twice, hold my first solo exhibition, Learn new hanging tricks, take on a more challenging role as exhibition co-ordinator in ChCh, liase with Dedicated Venues and support other artists too, and further myself in the business world.

I love the way sophia is a vegetarian and laughs at my meat jokes all the time, and she has a real playful side!!

Sophia is always there if you need to talk, although alot of the time I just laugh with her because I figure she has enough worries! She truely does put hours and hours of work in for other Artists and at first I didnt realise exactly how much she put in until I really got to know her.

Sophia inspires me on a business level in my art, she also came and helped hang my exhibition - twice lol. My first solo in Auckland had to be hung twice due to some missing paintings, she took the time to help me understand new hanging techniques and the importance of measuring!

Sophia's personality radiates self assuredness and kindness. Her way of growing as a person is to help others grow and for that I am greatful.

I love to laugh and joke around with her and I love to get serious too. She never squashes any idea I have infact she nutures them for the benifit of others, she is a truelly selfless woman who deserves alot more credit than she gets.

When I think of Sophia's Art I think of Red as those are her predominant colours, maybe thats why she is all grounded... And with her job you would think she needs to be!

But when you see her colours around her,  she has this Orange and soft yellow, Personal power and emotional. But then splashes of green pop in to show her ability to nuture relationships with people, These colour changes are subtle not big bold bright colours like in your face but softly confident colours. They are complimentry and balanced.

So Sophia, Thank you for everything you do to support me. Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you for sharing your colour with me!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gratitute my new Art project.

"Essence" - Original Painting By Rachael Inch

I have been thinking alot lately about the things that I am greatful for and how everyone I meet has an impact on my Art. Each friendship formed, relationship grown or new aquaintence experianced gives me inspiration to paint.

Sometimes its the tougher stuff that helps me paint too!

I was trying hard to think of a way to thank each of those people personally and acknowledge what they do in my life, how they support me and help me grow so from today and for the rest of the month.. I want to write about each of my friends and how they have changed me.

A gratitude diary.

and then after 30 days of gratitude I will paint. 30 paintings representing those people. This will be a personal project, a collection of works that helps me to give back to those who help me. who I percieve right now to be my support network. It doesnt mean its set in stone or that others are not as important, it means that this month the people I want to mention are acknowledged for everything they do.

Who in your life is worthy of acknowledgement? Take five mins to ponder who makes a difference in your life.

And maybe create your own gratitude diary.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So close to the end but really exhausted!

Wow I can hardly believe it.. just one week to go and I am absolutely exhausted! My mind is fried my body is lacking and all I can think is I have to get this work finished!!

Just one painting left to do and its almost finished.. well I tell a fib there are two paintings but I just keep mucking it up so I have pretty much decided to leave it as is and concentrate on the finale piece.

I know its really important to have it dried and finished by Friday.. which really means its gotta be finished now.. But by even putting that pressure on myself makes it not want to flow.

I know this is my moment,my opportunity to make or break as an artist.. but try as I might the energy wont flow. All I want to do is sleep to be honest!

Im back at work next week and have that week to get back in the swing of 5am starts and to make sure everything is ready to go to be hung and organise the opening night here.

There is so much to do in so little time and I wanted to take the time to let others know of the process for doing your own solo..

So keep posted in the next few days
A big thank you to everyone who are cheering me on... You wont be disapointed..
Love Rach!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Journey to a successful first solo - part Four My first completed painting!!

Finally, My first painting is done and ready for Framing!!!! I am very relieved and excited that with just 35 days to go I have finished off and signed off my first piece! yey!

1 Down 14 to go!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Journey to a successful first solo - part three Excitement Builds!

Well Its all starting to get exciting now! Today another 4 Hours painting produced some cool stuff, and Finally I have reached a stage where I was able to create the exhibition Invite!

Much more painting to do, But the Framer has been approached and we are nearly ready to start framing 15 paintings! Huge costs involved but I am just putting faith into it that I will get the returns!

Work has been exhausting and I know I have certainly used every minute to work on these paintings, I just hope that shows in the quality of the final works!

Very Exciting!

Ill keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jounery to a solo exhibition part3 - Progress and Self belief

Have you ever heard the saying In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can?

Its completely true! As the time is fast approaching to get these works finished I am getting more opportunities thrown at me each day.

My own radio show, An offer from a new york gallery and two commissions in the last month alone. I know that there are people how look at my success through green cloudy eyes, that people can get nasty and "want what I have" but the simple fact is for those people, do you see the hard work I put in behind the scenes?

For Example, I spent on average about 5 hours a day driving for my bus job pulling around 2000 kms a week. I spend approx 4 hours a day painting and preping paintings and materials. I spent about 5 Hours a day on the computer researching, working on websites, promoting myself, answering emails etc... and then I spend a further 2 hours on housework, 1 hour on exercise, 1 hour watching t.v (generally as I am scoffing my lunch or dinner down ready to go to work and then maybe if I am lucky, 6 hours of a day is spent sleeping!

That doesnt leave much time for other things does it! I have got to where I am because I BELIEVE in myself. It was my father who taught me that you have to WORK for what you want, That there is no such word as I CANT.

Im not sure if he realised the power of his words, I remember back to being about 8 years old and swinging on the monkey bars saying to myself, theres no such word as I cant, I am going to make it to the end without falling.
I crossed those monkey bars that day and that moment was my moment of clarity that I CAN do anything I want!

So bringing it back to my Art and this exhibition.. Sure, There have been times where I have almost given up thinking man its just all too hard.. But I think back to what my dad says and I think.. I CAN.

Its just sooo simple to succeed in life, I mean the formula to success is right there, there are most definately bumps in the road as you go.. I have had alot! BUT those difficult things you learn the most from and they will help you to the next rung on the endless ladder of achieving what you want.

So heres my formula:

So get off your butt and DO what you want to do and think you CAN!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Journey to a successful first solo - part two self talk and doubt!

“You have to find something that you love enough to be able to take risks, jump over the hurdles and break through the brick walls that are always going to be placed in front of you. If you don’t have that kind of feeling for what it is you’re doing, you’ll stop at the first giant hurdle.” – George Lucas

This is a great quote and so apt for how I am feeling now that i am just 8 weeks from my exhibition opening. The Self doubt hasn't been a strong factor in this exhibition lead up but definitely now!
First question racing through my mind is... Oh god I only have 8 weeks left! What if I cant finish them to a high enough standard?
Are people going to buy my work?
What if .... and so On

Pursuing a career doing what you love requires courage, especially when it is a career in the arts. As any artist will tell you, this type of work is unconventional, and challenging. It can often be isolating and you are constantly looking for approval. As you develop your skills more, become more refined and better at what you do, the compliments come less and less, because its expected of you.
Artists typically don’t have to clock in at a certain time, he or she must be self-motivating. An artist must also learn to manage anxiety around sporadic income, and will constantly face evaluation and criticism of their work, which to most Artists is a criticism of themselves.
Artists must persevere, even when they are plagued by periods of creative block, self-doubt or fear of failure. Creative individuals may also lack support from friends and family who believe their work is more a hobby then a “real job.”

And then of course the most common problem is the constant Negative Self talk and self criticism
You could talk yourself into interpreting things in black and white, all or nothing, success or failure, not in between, its got to be perfect for others or else you are not good enough. When you do get a compliment you could completely put your work down quite unknowingly at times saying that it wasn't your best work and talk yourself down... selling art is about Promotion of self! so stop that talk consciously stop yourself right there.

I believe the first thing you have to do is be aware of these patterns. Read positive articles that lift you up and help you get back on track, write all your talk down and then replace it with positive talk. I know that writing this even helps me, i.e Supporting other artists, or people in general helps me process my doubt.

At the end of the day and I say it to others time and time again....
Success is really just measured on your perceptions. If you think it will be a success or think of yourself as a success then you are!

I found the definition of success in the wikipedia dictionary ...
Success may mean, but is not limited to:
a level of social status

achievement of an objective/goal

the opposite of failure

the succession of successfully executed tasks and successes

So realistically looking at those definitions, if I measure my success on Finishing my solo exhibition to a high standard then I cannot fail. From here I am going to go create so until next time.... xxx Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Self Sabotage, Trust and sneaky peaks!

First SNEAKY PEAKY at one of my half finished works for the exhibition!
 COPYRIGHT 2010 Rachael Inch Original

Well last night I woke in a cold sweat, The exhibition is only 2 and a half months away and I havent finished any painting!

I have all this creative rhythm flowing at the moment that all I want to do is create more and more, but... Now I have a ton of unfinished work! eeekkk

It truelly is a journey, and I think that fear of not completing the paintings to a high standard like the one painting before is a real factor and example of how my natural reaction is to self sabotage.

Near with me here I am going to ramble a little but there is a point I promise!!!

I could sit and say to myself  ... "Oh god, my work is not as awesome as the painting I have created over the last days, oh well I will create more in the same range ... More paintings that are safe...." - Go with what I know ...

Or I can look at it like " Well I really did well with this last painting, I am really happy with it, I am afraid of not being able to create a high quality work straight after it but I am going to TRUST that what ideas I had that had originally shaped each unfinished work was part of a bigger vision that I am just not seeing right now."

This is a huge breakthrough on a personal level for me, I mean we can relate this exact struggle with any given situation in life.

You may not know why things are happening for you You may not understand "the Bigger picture" But you know that everything happens for a reason and their really is a result in sight, it may not be on your time or in the way you had forseen it, but In the end, if you TRUST and LISTEN to yourself then you will know that it was all meant to be!

Oh god I think I am rambling again ha ha oh well I am sure someone will get what I am saying!

Anyway enough blogging off to paint!!!!!

Love Rach xx

Friday, May 14, 2010

Journey to my solo - Where is my inspiration coming from

Through the Valley
Original Oil
By Rachael Inch
Copyright 2008

 It occurred to me during this process of preparation for my first solo, that many times I have mentioned what I love painting but never where my inspiration comes from.

It comes from everything. Everything around me and in my world, feelings, experiences beautiful moments, forms of the land or the way that clouds form and pattern into magnificent stories. It’s the way we move or transfer energy it’s in everything I see. I put rhythm into my work whether it’s through my paintings or through moving words and vibrations when I am painting.

Ok I am aware that there are a lot of people that will not have a clue what I am talking about, and that’s ok..

What people see is constrained by what they believe they can see everything that is not conveyed to consciousness by eye and ear is dismissed from the modern view of the world.

So I see things through a view that others don’t, and to bridge that “gap” and share the pure beauty in this world that I see around me, I paint and ramble!

I hope that makes sense to you as you are reading this because I know writing it is extremely difficult.. Why? Because I am putting myself out there to potentially be considered a “nutcase” lol (its not the first time!)

Anyway, back to my inspiration for painting, I believe everything has positive and negative. I just choose to see the positive, the brighter side of things around us, whether it be a lock of hair falling into place perfectly, a form in the ground that weaves so softly and gently, or the way someone speaks and their energy that makes others relaxed and happy. Those are the things and the memories that I want to capture for eternity.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Journey to a solo Exhibition Part One

Theme of my solo exhibition decided - Heaven and Earth!
Thanks to the wisdom of a very interesting and wonderful friend I have managed to finally make sense of this exhibition. Tying it all together... into a story of My creative spirit, Heaven and Earth have played a part in my works, my inspiration and my vision.

You see one part of me connects to "higher conscience" while still painting in the here and now, my work speaks of balance and softness but a boldness also, Its a reflection of my soul when you think about it, How I percieve myself and how I see the world around me, This exhibition will bring all those qualities together. How exciting!
... And now the story begins..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A flurry of Paint from experiances with Friends

"Blue Bayou"
Original Oil By Rachael Inch
Copyright 2010

I am getting Ideas flood my mind each moment of the day, so quickly that I cant keep up! Paint is furiously flying at the moment and I am in a space where its all about the creativity, could it be from the life experiance that I have just had? I think so. You see I was betrayed and my loyalty questioned recently. It was one of the hardest and biggest lessons I have ever learned in my life.

They say that its the hardest we learn the most from ... and they are right!

I believe that I had Toxic people in my life.. now this is not a way of labelling people out of anger its merely a statement of truth, they were poisioning my energy system.

There is no crystal ball to predict that a particular friend will turn out to be a reliable, positive relationship in your life or, by contrast, that a negative association will cause you emotional distress, or worse. Since destructive or negative friends are not always that easy to spot, being forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes. Some friends may be betrayers from the start; others may turn into betrayers because of what's going on in their lives or because of changes in their personality. Sometimes you need to consider what your friend is really like within the contexts of all the behaviors.

1. The Promise Breaker -How many times have I over committed mysel?
This friend constantly disappoints you or breaks promises, most likely because she herself was constantly disappointed during her formative years. Your friend is unable to stop herself from repeating that pattern. It is an annoying but comfortable pattern for your friend, and without psychological help, it may be hard for her or him to alter this pattern. You could abandon the friend and the friendship, or you could find a way to detach yourself by lowering your expectations for this friendship. If she promises to do something for you, even to meet you for a cup of coffee, you can say, "Sure," but protect yourself by knowing, in the back of your mind, that this friend "nine times out of 10" is going to cancel on you. Although your friend may always have been this way, she may have also recently acquired this trait because of something she is going through right now. If a friend who has always been there for you, through thick and thin, has only recently become less reliable, you might want to cut her some slack. You have to decide if this is a lifelong trait that will be hard or impossible to change, a temporary condition that will be short-lived, or something, if it does continue indefinitely, that you are willing to accept and handle.One way to try to change the Promise Breaker is to help her to understand the consequences of your ignored pledges. Perhaps you have been keeping your disappointments about this to yourself. Try telling her how it makes you feel. "Of course, I'll understand that you're not in the mood to drive over, but I was really looking forward to our visit." Perhaps she is unaware that this is a pattern rather than an isolated incident. "Yes, of course, I understand, but do you realize this is the fourth time in as many weeks that you've backed out on something you promised to do with me?"If you want to continue your friendship with the Promise Breaker, make sure you reconfirm any plans at least once or even right before you are supposed to meet. If you have a cell phone, make sure your friend is able to contact you so at least you won't be left waiting if, once again, she cancels a meeting. Have "back-up" for any promises your friend makes; at least if the Promise Breaker disappoints you again, you won't be as inconvenienced by it.The next time she promises something, try saying, "Yeah, right." When she gets angry at your sarcasm, explain that you are simply pointing out her habit of breaking her promises. Then reframe it in a more positive vein by saying, "Prove me wrong. This time, keep your promise."

2. The Double-crosser- This is one I have definately experianced first hand! This negative friend betrays you big-time. It could happen when someone does something to hurt you, such as spreading a malicious rumor about you. Or it could be an emotional double-cross; for example, when a close or best friend stops speaking to you and you never find out why.

3. The Self-absorbed - How many of these have I had in my life?!

Certainly the Self-absorbed is a tamer type of negative friend than the Risk-taker. Still, especially over the long haul, a friend who does not make the time to listen to you will eat away at your self-esteem. For you to feel good about yourself, and for your friendship to thrive, you have to be more than a sounding board. The Self-absorbed does not care; she listens to you only because she is waiting to speak.Self-absorbed chatter is a way of covering up an inability to tolerate silence which some, especially those who have intimacy problems, may find excruciating. You may ask your friend to try to become more aware that she is talking non-stop, and about herself, when it's really a nervous habit designed to fill up the time and space. Could your friend learn to relax more? Enjoy silence? Learn how to ask questions so that you don't feel like a dumping ground?Once again, is this a trait your friend is aware of and choosing to ignore, or is she unaware of it but once aware of it, she will be capable of changing it? If change is not possible, is there enough that is positive about this friendship that you are willing to continue it even if it is decidedly lopsided?Perhaps, in a gentle and non-offensive way, you could ask the Self-absorbed friend if she seems to notice that the give-and-take is unequal, that she shares more about her life than you get to share about yours.With the Self-absorbed friend, you might want to plan an activity to share that minimises this problem, such as playing tennis, going to the movies, or taking a class. You might want to carefully consider sitting next to the Self-Absorbed on a five-hour train ride or having lengthy meals together, just the two of you. As with the One-upper, whose profile revolves around excessive jealousy, involving more friends with the Self-absorbed might help to offset her nervousness as well as create some additional 'air times' that will even out the balance of power.

4. The Discloser - I have been guilty of this one unfortunately!

When you say to this friend, "This is just between us," she nods her head but unfortunately that promise will last only as long as it takes her to get to her phone or e-mail. Although there should be an assumption of confidentiality and trust between friends, this friend can't help herself. Telling this person a secret makes her feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. Like the game "hot potato," she has to pass the hot secret along to someone else in order to relieve the anxiety knowing the secret made her feel. There are also some Disclosers who simply have a big mouth. If someone you know has this personality trait, avoid telling her your innermost secret -- unless you don't mind if it's shared with the world.This friend quickly gets a reputation for being a gossip. Unfortunately, there may be some secondary gains to having that distinction. Maybe the primary friend is annoyed by the betrayal and the secret sharing, but everyone else, including other friends, may be delighted by the confidential information that is being shared.You also have to be sure that your friend understands that you consider the information that you are sharing should always be confidential or secret. Spreading the news that you just got a raise or are expecting a child may seem like information that is fair game for retelling. If it is something you do not want retold, or if you want to be the one retelling it, let your friend know before you mislabel her the Discloser.How do you know if someone will betray your confidence? If you suspect someone has this trait, share an unimportant secret that you could live with her spreading and see how fast or widespread the confidence is shared.If you suspect that your friend is unaware that he or she discloses secrets, start by bringing this behavior out in the open. Pick a specific instance when your friend revealed a confidence, and see if he or she acknowledges his or her transgression. Does he or she apologise? Does he or she deny doing it? Does he or she ask your forgiveness, explaining that he or she was unaware the information was privileged?If you suspect your friend is incapable of changing this pattern and you want to maintain the friendship, protect yourself by being more careful about exactly what information you share. You might also want to reconsider the level of intimacy for this friendship; if you want to maintain your relationship, perhaps it should be on a less frequent or less confidential basis

5. The Competitor - ooohhh these ones really irk me!
A little bit of competition is healthy and to be expected. An appropriate amount of competition will motivate and stimulate. But too much competition between friends starts to destroy the friendship. One of the primary ingredients in a positive friendship is that one or both friends feel that they can be "themselves" and that they don't have to put on airs or impress one another. Competition implies a race in which one wins and the other loses; those conditions are quite the opposite of what someone typically expects in a positive friendship, especially a close or best one.Friends who are competitors probably compete in every area of their lives and find it difficult or impossible to ease up even when it comes to close or best friends. They may compete at work, at school, and even in community affairs. They may be in competition with their spouses or romantic partners, or even with their parents or their children, The Competitor may find this distinctive personality trait hard or impossible to change or eradicate.You can help the situation, however, by trying to avoid setting up overly competitive situations. For instance, if you share about a success in your personal life or career, especially if you ease into bragging, you may be unwittingly setting off an "I'll show you" reaction.Helping to heighten the Competitor's awareness about this tendency might help her to deal with this proclivity. If you do want to share something that you think will propel her into a "me too" reaction, you could preface your comments with, "Let me just share something with you without it having anything to do with you, okay?"The onus for changing the Competitor's behavior, however, is on her; developing a better self-image will diminish her need to compete with everything you say or do.If you wish to stay friends with the Competitor, you may have to be willing to listen to her brags and boasts far more often than you can share your own.

6. The Fault-finder - There have been many friends like this one! Nothing you do, say, or wear is good enough for this overly critical friend. The Fault-finder was probably raised by extremely judgmental parents who were also rearing equally hypercritical siblings. Being criticized during her formative years laid the groundwork for an overly critical adult. It's a hard trait to reverse, and your friend may even be unaware that she is so critical or that it annoys and upsets you so much. Before labeling this type of friendship as hopelessly destructive, you might want to see if your friend could recognize this excessively derogatory behavior and, with time and help, change that orientation. Otherwise, you may decide that you just have to accept this trait in your friend and realize that it reflects on her, not on you or your friendship.If you value this friend and want to try to maintain the friendship despite the Fault-finder's criticisms, try sharing with him or her how his or her behavior makes you feel. "I know you like me, and I know you may not even mean to make me feel bad, but when you find fault in everything I say or do, it makes me feel bad about myself." He or she might get defensive, even saying it's "your problem," not his or hers. But if you emphasize how the Fault-finder's behavior impacts on you, it may help him or her to reassess what he or she is saying or doing without having to be "right." Furthermore, by sharing how it makes you feel, you may be less resentful if you decide you are willing to put up with the Fault-finder.However, if you are at your wit's end and willing to try one more thing before calling it quits, try finding fault in the Fault-finder. Those who criticize and find fault are often unable to take it from others. If you do criticize the Fault-finder, it may break the spell of negativity that is now allowing this friend to say and do anything toward you. When the shoe is on the other foot, she may suddenly have an "ah-ha" awareness of what it feels like to others. But beware: The Fault-finder might cut off your friendship forever rather than deal with your criticisms or even try to understand the larger message you are trying to convey.

So now I am sitting here thinking about all these traits that these friends have that are draining me and I think "Am I angry hurt and betrayed because I at times have mirrored these behaviours?"
I Know that at one time or another I have acted like this with someone. So I look at all these and think "how can I change" I can own it.. I can accept that we are not all perfect and that life is a huge learning. I can pull back my thoughts to a place of silence in my art studio and a place of forgiveness. I can sit here and reflect on peoples behaviour, on my behaviour and I can strive to be a better person. I can strive to covey to the world what I have learned through my art and hopefully, someone who is experiancing drama in their life can sit back and realise that its all about the lessons we need to learn.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Countdown to my first solo Exhibition

Today I started the process of planning my works, with 16 works to do I know I have alot of work cut out for me!
I planned what I want to have and how many paintings, Started painting and Have begun three of the works needed for this exhibition. Its going to require much preparation and dedication to get each piece completed to a high standard but I know I can do it!