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Sunday, December 6, 2009

fake people and socially uncomfortable situations

Winters Breath - original by rachael inch

Often we find ourselves in positions that are socially uncomfortable, where we feel that we are out of place, uneasy or a little shaken.

It is so important to be bigger than the circumstances and in situations like those to rise above the negativity and spite.

I will give an example of something that happened to me, a situation with someone who used to be my friend, This person went through a lot of personal turmoil, and then, for whatever reason felt animosity towards the world. Out of her anger and greif came behaviours that was unacceptable towards others, especially me. The situation worsened as her unhappiness grew and she chose to take her mood out on all those around her. Spreading malicious rumours and speaking ill if others. Causing disharmony for many, including me.

Of course human nature is to be pulled into the gossip and many turned for no reason. I just kept strong and kept being me, I held my head up high and I walked with grace. I held my composure and just walked on back to that space and kept that genuine smile and love coming from me, the same person I have always been, and eventually, that person faded into the darkness of her own circumstance.

I realised that indeed nobody can take your energy or make you feel inferior without your permission. And in that I gained strength. Life is not easy... Especially if you are a positve outgoing person of love... But you have to keep moving through and keep honest in the hope that there is someone who will see the real you:)

I am so greatful for my gift of unconditional love. I can still see the good in people that cant see the good in themselves.

Remember there will always be fake people, and those ones are truelly sad inside.. they havent quite got it yet, havent figured it all out... That the true esence to loving life is to just be yourself:)

Here are some practical tips on ...

How to deal with Fakeness and Fake people.

Step 1
Start saying "no." Fake people will lose their use for you if you stop paying their bills, watching their kids for free and running them around town.
Step 2
Tell the truth. Fake people hate honesty. It's the lies that keep them feeling good about themselves and their lives. So share your true feelings about their actions and watch how they fade away. (this is something I certainly have learned alot from!)
Step 3
Avoid the drama. Fake people enjoy others who get sucked into their drama. Cut conversations short that deal with your fake friend's usual complaints. You know. The ones they never plan to do anything about.
Step 4
Focus your energies on your real friends. Fake people will hang around as long as you let them. So, don't. Cut back on their time and spend it with your real friends.
Step 5
Build up your confidence.Fake people have a hard time attaching themselves to people who have good self-esteem. Why? Because people who feel good about themselves won't put up with them.