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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Really feel like you are living

"Country Air" By Rachael Inch copyright 2009

To follow your hearts desire , to live in the here and now... is the most fufilling way to live.

Be who you are, be nobody else but the true you and you will start feeling like you are alive.

Give often, for you will recieve tenfold, give without expectance, without attatchment and speak up.

Say everything you mean to say and nothing that you dont. Pay kindness forward and be the best your soul can be.

I promise you that your life will be more the way it should. From today I will no longer have those who drag me down in my life. I will no longer accept bad behaviour towards others, I wont accept bad bahaviour towards me.

This past weekend I spent the most amazing weekend in a magical place that seemed so surreal. I experianced geniune Love from complete strangers, geniune kindness. I experianced unconditional acceptance for who I was and there was nothing that could have knocked me.

I watched my art and my energy be accepted by hundreds of people and I was incredibly humbled by it. I am so eternally greatful to be able to experience that warmth and to finally be heard.

I have alwayd dreamed of inspoiring others, and this weekend I know I was able to be a part of that.

There is a great quote that I handed out to people, it said "Wealth is not about what we have, it is found in what we enjoy."

I believe, I am a millionare, because I enjoy watching a smile form. I enjoy making others happy I enjoy Love.

Give thanks each day for what you have, really, if you can just give thanks and mean it I promise you too will live.

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