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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Painting with Spirit and Freedom

Painting with spirit and with freedom is the only way to paint, when you structure paintings and you plan your work to the last detail, or when you copy something from a photo to the last line it wont work.

The magic in painting comes from within, It comes from a sense of knowing that this is what you are meant to be doing. When you work with Spirit and freedom your energy flows in every sense. Sometimes that energy that you harbour inside may not be good energy, it doesnt matter, each stroke and paint drip correlates to emotions that will eventually shape themselves in to the whole painting.
Think of it as a piece of a puzzle, none of the pieces make sense until you finish the whole puzzle step back and see the picture.
That is how each of my works form, each time I pick a brush or a colour I am allowing my "gut' to guide me allowing my spirit to be free. I dont know what I am doing, I have a picture in my head, but I spend so long working with my painting that it moves with me and then I see something else in it, my new picture forms in my head and work towards that. Its not until the end that i step back and see the journey that I have taken.

People often ask me, "how long does it take to do your paintings?" I cant honestly answer that, why? because I take a never ending journey with each one. Each painting is not really finished to me, each painting is that "puzzle piece" that fits into my next painting, Painting a picture of my Journey through life.
I am incredibly blessed. It wasnt until I sat back and started to trust, to love life the way I should that I started to live life. I am forever guided the right way, and it wasnt until I started listening that I started living.

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