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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am so busy at the moment! I am Exhibiting In the Original Art sale in Auckland, and In the Bruce mason center in Auckland at the same time fot the Annual Guild Members Exhibition. So just four short weeks to complete 6 paintings! eeekkk!!!

I just completed my wee square for the group project(similar to last years) So hopefully I will be able to get all that loaded on my website... What a nightmare my site has been!

I have nearly completed the Selwyn Gallery Website which is exciting,
Its a large website, with lots of pages but its design is targeted around the old ppl that cant use computers LOL.

I also got to redesign the whole Artweek Logo which is really cool that they loved my design. Man things are moving up I tell you! I am so incredibly blessed and greatful that I have been supported by so many people over these years.
Art is more than a passion for me now its a damned obsession!!!!

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